Virginia Christmas House

This year, much like the last 3 years, has been challenging in so many ways for we Americans. Jobs are hard to come by and if we are lucky enough to have a job, we are holding on by our fingernails.

I have been one of the lucky ones this year, and, as I say to my daughter: ‘When you are having a good year, you must share with others. Next year might not be as good.” In other words, sometimes we are the givers and sometimes we are the receivers. I don’t care who you are, in a lifetime of living, those two roles are present in our lives.

2011 is my year to be the giver since God has so richly blessed me and my family. Please take a moment to open the below link, whether you are a giver or receiver. I believe I’m working for a very worthy cause this Christmas season: Virginia Christmas House

The proceeds from my group of Realtors, will solely benefit Chesapeake CARES. Chesapeake CARES has been around for 20 years and is a free clinic to people who are employed, but aren’t offered medical or dental healthcare through their employer or can’t afford a monthly premium. These folks are not on government assistance either. In other words, these are folks that ‘fall between the cracks’ in regards to their health. The medical division provides for folks living in Chesapeake and the dental division provides for everyone living on the Southside.

I’ve noticed all over Chesapeake that many homes are displaying Christmas lights this year. I’m surprised but hopeful that the economy is improving enough to encourage people to do so. You can enter your home right now in our contest. Judges will come around and view your home and give you a score. YOU COULD BE A WINNER!!!! In fact, as I’m driving around Chesapeake and Suffolk, if I see a fabulous home, all decked out, I’m dropping a contestant card in your mailbox. PLEASE ENTER!!!!!

Merry Christmas and if you can be a giver his year, PLEASE DO!