Credit Repair

All of your friends are telling you ‘it’s time to buy your first home’ but you are not sure how to begin the process. The first step is understanding what your credit score is, and how to strengthen it if needed.

The easiest way to do this is call or email Stacey Seim at Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group. She can pull your tri-merged credit report (all three credit reporting agencies) for FREE! You can look her up on her web page at, or email her at, or call her at 757-213-1671.

A good credit score can mean a better deal from landlords, lenders, insurers and other creditors. Your credit score is likely the most important three digit number in your life! If you have a score above 740, you are in the upper echelon. If you have a score below 620, it tells creditors that you are not a good risk and destines you for credit denial and higher interest rates. If your score is above 620, give me a call at 757-338-5334 and we can talk. After I get to know you a bit, we can begin to work together to find the home of your dreams. If your score is below 620, Stacey will be able to work with you, giving you tips and suggestions on ways to bring your score up. Keep in mind that your credit score is a computerized calculation. It is merely a “snapshot” of your credit profile TODAY and can fluctuate dramatically within the course of a week.

Once you determine what your credit score is, and improve it if needed, Stacey can work on getting you pre-qualified for a mortgage loan. You will then be able to understand how much house you can comfortably afford, and then we can begin our search effort for your new home………………..TOGETHER!