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I Love Working with Military Families and Their Real Estate Needs

I’ve been in the real estate business in Hampton Roads for over 6 years and have been in real estate for over 17 years. One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been helping military families relocate.

Let’s face it: You don’t have a choice about the move and you have unique needs and motivations. Through the years, in helping my military buyers and sellers, I’ve learned:

  • Moving into an area with a good public school system is a must. You move a lot through the years and you don’t want your children to suffer those moves with a poor education.
  • Security clearance is a necessary component of your career that can’t be compromised with bad credit history.  If you are buying in this economic climate, it is essential your home be a good investment. You must make the purchase that allows you to NOT be in the red when you sell again in  3-5 years.
  • Still thinking about security clearance, you also need to be able to sell that home that you purchased 3 years ago before the economic downturn without long-term damage to your credit history. This is where a good short sale agent is essential. You need that agent to communicate well with your lender and also with other real estate agents to get your home sold. A bump on your credit report is doable, a foreclosure is not.
  • When you are buying, many times you are on strict time line that only allows a limited number of trips to house hunt. You need an agent that listens to your wish list, is well organized with the proper showings and shows you enough properties for you to make a good decision on the home that is right for you.
  • You need an agent that has resources to help you with required repairs as a long distance seller may need. As a buyer, you need similar resources if you are buying a short sale or foreclosure home as your unique investment/home.

I’ve really enjoyed my military clients and have found them to be appreciative, kind and loyal to me as a person and agent. The referrals have been wonderful in return and they continue to call me to help with their next real estate need.

If you are a military family needing to sell or buy in the Hampton Roads area, please give me a call and let me share with you my military real estate relocation training I’ve had through the years and my personal experience and success. Nothing is more fun and rewarding than to team up with a wonderful military family!

I can be reached at 757-338-5334 or email me at:


Why NOW is the Prime Time to Buy!

At a Glance:

1.Affordability is at an all-time high. The median mortgage payment on the median priced home as a percentage of the median household income is lower than it’s been in a generation.

2.Mortgage rates are at rock bottom. It’s hard to imagine interest rates going much lower, and when they start to inch back upwards, monthly payments and total loan costs will spike upwards.

3.Home prices are back on the rise. After declining for 30 months, home prices are trending backupward. The time to get in to the market is NOW! Sellers are motivated. This means that buyers have the upper hand!

4. From banks looking to dispose of foreclosed properties to homeowners who are fiercely competing among an excess of housing inventory, buyers have untold choices and negotiating power.

5. Financing is readily available! Banks are back in the game and ready to lend to well qualified buyers.

6.Owning vs. renting is increasingly favorable. Since 2009, the average principal and interest payment has fallen below the average rental rates, and the gap is now wider than it’s been in the past 22 years.

7. Homeownership is still at the core of theAmerican Dream! Owning a home is critical to financial stability and wealth building. It’s a forced savings account, a place to live and a fabulous tax deduction.

Reprinted with permission of Keller Williams Inc.


Selling or Buying Homes During the Holidays!

I always feel empathy for families that are selling or buying homes this time of year. It is or can be painful!

You sellers can’t really let your guard down and enjoy the season of holidays and family fun! Your home needs to look perfect and not overly done for the holidays. All of those yard decorations just aren’t going to happen this year!

You buyers are feeling likewise. You can’t really decorate for the season because you don’t want to unpack and repack up the decorations….assuming you have the time to even think about decorating.

I’ve always recognized that the holidays can be a difficult and depressing time as a general rule to some people. Isn’t it amazing when someone flips you off in the parking lot of Macy’s on Black Friday! Isn’t this suppose to be the time of year for love and peace???? As an agent and a person, I try to keep all of this in mind and treat my clients, other agents and their clients with respect and a wider path of understanding in what is probably a trying time for all…buying and selling a home during the holidays!


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