Selling or Buying Homes During the Holidays!


I always feel empathy for families that are selling or buying homes this time of year. It is or can be painful!

You sellers can’t really let your guard down and enjoy the season of holidays and family fun! Your home needs to look perfect and not overly done for the holidays. All of those yard decorations just aren’t going to happen this year!

You buyers are feeling likewise. You can’t really decorate for the season because you don’t want to unpack and repack up the decorations….assuming you have the time to even think about decorating.

I’ve always recognized that the holidays can be a difficult and depressing time as a general rule to some people. Isn’t it amazing when someone flips you off in the parking lot of Macy’s on Black Friday! Isn’t this suppose to be the time of year for love and peace???? As an agent and a person, I try to keep all of this in mind and treat my clients, other agents and their clients with respect and a wider path of understanding in what is probably a trying time for all…buying and selling a home during the holidays!